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Ayurvedic Handmade Dandelion Oil Soap 125g

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Looking for a bathing bar that does more than just cleanse your skin? Meet our natural dandelion handmade bathing bar! Enriched with dandelion oil, it helps to increase skin hydration and leaves a springy, vibrant glow. Plus, it enhances collagen production and slows down the ageing process, so you can keep looking fabulous for years to come. So why wait? Give our natural dandelion handmade bathing bar a try today!

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Experience the natural power of dandelion oil with our handmade bathing bar. This unique formulation is enriched with dandelion oil, which is renowned for its ability to increase skin hydration and leave a springy, vibrant glow. Dandelion oil is also known for its ability to enhance collagen production and slow down the ageing process. As a result, this bathing bar will not only leave your skin feeling softer and more youthful, but it will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So why not give yourself a little boost of dandelion power today? Your skin will thank you for it!

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Dimensions 3.5 × 6 × 8 cm


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